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format file mas

What is a mas file and how do I open a mas file?

MAS files are categorized as game files and known as rFactor Track Files developed by Image Space. rFactor is a racing simulation game and the MAS files used by this game contains the assets files that are used in a racing track map. MAS files contain both the track’s structure and appearance and when they are modded, they can create custom tracks by which only advanced users can apply the process of modding. Users can open Mas files using the gMotor MAS File Utility as this utility belongs to the "rFactor mod development tool pack", by which this tool pack can be found in the rFactor website. MAS files can also be opened with Image Space rFactor software, a fun and exciting racing game that allows users to run cars or any four-wheeled vehicle on the streets, by which this simulator can either be used as a fun game or to practice driving.

Recommended mas file download:
Image Space rFactor
gMotor MAS File Utility
Detail mas file extension information:
File Type: mas
File Format: rFactor Track File
Primary Association: Game Files
Mime Type: application/vnd.lotus-freelance, application/x-freelance, text/makeastorybook