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format file dmo

What is a dmo file and how do I open a dmo file?

Duke Nukem 3D demo files are used by the first-person shooter PC video game called Apogee Duke Nukem 3D, and these files are stored in the DMO format. Also generally classified as game files, these DMO files are affixed with the .dmo extension. The content of these DMO files are recorded digital video clips of characters in animated scenes or in multiplayer events that users may encounter in the Apogee Duke Nukem 3D game. These video clips are also integrated with recorded audio content of the sound effects and soundtrack music that players can hear during gameplay. These DMO files also allow players to review recorded multiplayer sessions. The Apogee Duke Nukem 3D video game was developed by Apogee Software (also developed the DMO file format) using the Build game engine. Users of computers with Microsoft Windows-based systems can install the Apogee Duke Nukem 3D video game to start viewing the content of these DMO files as well as to start playing this first-person shooter game.

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Apogee Duke Nukem 3D
Detail dmo file extension information:
File Type: dmo
File Format: Duke Nukem 3D Demo File
Primary Association: Game Files