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File extensions start with character 'Z'

File Type Category File Format
.z01 Compressed Files WinZip First Split Zip File
.z64 Game Files Nintendo 64 Game ROM
.zabw Text Files Compressed AbiWord Document File
.zap Configuration Files Zero Administration Package File
.zdb Quicken Files Zimbra Database File
.zdb Data Files Quicken Online File
.zdc Data Files CD Catalog Expert Database File
.zdct Data Files Adobe Language File
.zi Compressed Files Renamed Zip File
.zip Compressed Files Zipped File
.zipx Compressed Files Extended Zip File
.zix Compressed Files WinZix Compressed File
.zmc Data Files ZoneAlarm Quarantine File
.zoo Compressed Files Zoo Compressed File
.zpl Zone Alarm Files Zune Playlist
.zvpl Multiple Use Files Visual Paradigm License File
.zvr eBook Files SAFA Media Audio File
.zw Text Files Chinese Text File
.zzz Multiple Use Files CCleaner Securely Deleted File