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File extensions start with character 'X'

File Type Category File Format
.x32 Adobe Files Adobe Xtra File
.xaf 3D Graphics Files 3ds Max XML Animation File
.xaf 3D Graphics Files Cal3D XML Animation File
.xaf Data Files Affirm Deposition Transcript
.xap Program Execution Files Silverlight Application Package
.xappl Data Files Spoon XML Application Configuration File
.xas Data Files Pro/ENGINEER Assembly Instance Accelerator File
.xbc Data Files SMART Notebook File
.xbdoc Text Files Xiosis Scribe Document
.xbe Executable Files Xbox Executable File
.xbk Backup Files XenServer Backup File
.xbk Data Files SMART Notebook File
.xbplate Text Files Xiosis Scribe Template
.xbt Data Files SMART Notebook Template File
.xcappdata Development Files Xcode App Data File
.xcf Raster Graphics Files GIMP Image File
.xcworkspace Development Files Xcode Workspace File
.xdb Data Files Symantec Virus Database File
.xdl Text Files XML Schema File
.xdp Data Files XML Data Package
.xds Game Files DS Game Maker Project File
.xdw Page Layout Files Fuji Xerox DocuWorks File
.xef Compressed Files WinAce Encrypted File
.xef Data Files eManager Form Data
.xem Data Files PowerDesigner Model definition File
.xer Data Files Primavera P6 Project File
.xex Game Files Xbox 360 Executable File
.xfd Adobe Files XFD File
.xfd Data Files FormFlow 99 Form Data File
.xfdf Data Files Adobe Acrobat XFDF File
.xfdl Web Files XFDL File
.xfo Data Files XSL-FO Formatted Form
.xfr Data Files iProcess Process Definition File
.xft Data Files Adobe Form Designer 5.0 File
.xgml Data Files Graph Modeling Language XML File
.xgmml Data Files XGMML Graph File
.xif Page Layout Files ScanSoft Pagis File
.xlc Data Files Excel Chart
.xlf Data Files XLIFF Document
.xlgc Data Files ExpressK Database File
.xls Spreadsheet Files Excel Spreadsheet
.xlsm Spreadsheet Files Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
.xlsx Spreadsheet Files Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
.xlt Data Files Excel Template
.xlw Partially Downloaded Files Excel Workspace File
.xmb Game Files Age of Empires Game Data File
.xmcd Data Files Mathcad Worksheet File
.xmd Disk Image Files Extended Media Disc Image
.xmi Data Files XML Metadata Interchange File
.xml XML Files XML File
.xmpz Data Files Miradi XML Project File
.xnb Game Files XNA Game Studio Binary Package
.xpdl Data Files XPDL Module
.xpg Data Files Autoplay Media Studio Exported Page
.xpi Plug-in Files Mozilla Installer Package
.xpj Data Files RoboHelp HTML Project File
.xpk Game Files WWE RAW Model File
.xpr 3D Graphics Files Pro/ENGINEER Part Instance Accelerator File
.xpr Data Files SyncRO Soft oXygen XML Editor Project
.xpr Vector Graphics Files Microsoft Expression Design Graphic
.xps Page Layout Files XML Paper Specification File
.xpt Plug-in Files Mozilla Firefox Component
.xpt Data Files SAS Transport File
.xrff Data Files Extensible Attribute-Relation File Format
.xrp Data Files RationalPlan Project File
.xry Data Files XRY Data File
.xsl Data Files XML Style Sheet
.xsvf Data Files Xilinx Serial Vector Format File
.xsx Development Files Visual Studio XML Schema Layout File
.xt Development Files Xdebug Trace File
.xtg Data Files Extensible TreeGraph File
.xtm Data Files CmapTools Exported Topic Map
.xtp Configuration Files AutoCAD Exported Tool Palettes File
.xtp Page Layout Files InfoPath Template Part File
.xvct Data Files VISE XML Project File
.xwp Text Files XMLwriter Project
.xxd Data Files Brixx Planner Calendar
.xxx Multiple Use Files Compucon Singer Embroidery File
.xy Text Files XYWrite Document
.xy3 Text Files XYWrite III Document
.xyp Text Files XYWrite Plus Document
.xyw Text Files XYWrite for Windows Document
.xyz Data Files Molecule Specification File
.xyzv Data Files Celestia Sampled Trajectory File