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format file pup

What is a pup file and how do I open a pup file?

Updating the PlayStation 3 (PS3) system software may require files or patches. These files or patches used for PlayStation 3 Update are the PUP files developed by Sony. These files are compressed files that include the bug fixes, the extra operating system features, and the security patches and they mainly use the name PS3UPDAT.PUP. Updating the PS3 requires users to select "System Update” from the settings menu. The updated files can now be downloaded either from the internet or a connected storage media like a hard disk or Memory Stick. For the extraction of PUP file contents in Windows, users may require the PS3 PUP Extractor program. This program not only extracts PUP files but is also used for the creation of log files containing useful data like calculated SHA1 and Sony hashes. It is required that when PUP files are transferred to the PS3, they should be saved in the folder named /PS3/UPDATE.

Recommended pup file download:
PS3 PUP Extractor
Detail pup file extension information:
File Type: pup
File Format: PlayStation 3 Update File
Primary Association: eBook Files