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format file mart

What is a mart file and how do I open a mart file?

MART files are MartView eBook Files developed by MartView. They refer to the e-publication files that are used by Martview. These files can be pages of a book or magazine and contain page information as long as they are e-publications. MART files are important and used to download and read e-publications using the Martview reader. Files such as PDF files, zip and rar files, comic book archives as well as raster images that use the formats JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP can create MART files. MART files can be accessed with the use of Martview program using the Martview reader, a device that provides reading interaction options, allowing users to read magazines and other digital reading resources easier and more comfortable. MART files make the Martview reader useful as they are the e-reading materials users download to read using the reader. MART files are mainly categorized as data files and can be opened using Martview.

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Detail mart file extension information:
File Type: mart
File Format: MartView eBook File
Primary Association: eBook Files