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format file fev

What is a fev file and how do I open a fev file?

An FEV is an audio event file created by FMOD. It saves audio events such as footsteps, weapon fire, or ambient noises; built from an FMOD project and is used by the game runtime to trigger sounds. FEV files contain the audio design metadata that allows the game program code to trigger game sounds. A separate FMOD Sound Bank that contains the audio data is also created when the project is built. These two files are the final FMOD project deliverable and therefore are often seen packaged with game installation files. FEV files can be opened and played using the FMOD Event Player, a program included with FMOD Designer.

Mac OS
Recommended fev file download:
Firelight Technologies FMOD Designer
Firelight Technologies FMOD Designer
Detail fev file extension information:
File Type: fev
File Format: FMOD Audio Events File
Primary Association: Audio Files