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format file dcf

What is a dcf file and how do I open a dcf file?

The DCF file format is used in multimedia files implemented with Digital Rights Management (DRM) copy-protection encoding specifications. A file saved in the DCF format are affixed with the .dcf extension and are specifically called DRM content format files. Sony Ericsson developed the DCF file format to provide users and developers of multimedia content for some models of their mobile phone products to save their multimedia content in a copy-protected format. Some multimedia files that may be encoded with DCF specifications and stored in the DCF file format include digital music, images, videos and ringtones among others. The DM file format has some similar specifications to the standards implemented into DCF files, except code for viewing the content of a protected DCF file is stored in another file associated to the DCF file. This code is referred to as rights objects. Mac users can install the Sony Ericsson DRM Packager software to create these DCF files, or open and view the content of an existing DCF file with this software. Users of Microsoft Windows-based systems can also access these functionalities and implement support into their systems for these DCF files by installing the version of the Sony Ericsson DRM Packager program for Microsoft Windows.

Mac OS
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Detail dcf file extension information:
File Type: dcf
File Format: DRM Content Format File
Primary Association: Audio Files