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format file sib

What is a sib file and how do I open a sib file?

Sibelius music notation, an application that was launched in 1993, is used to compose and play music and the musical scores created with the use of this application are using the SIB file extension. Whether the software is used to compose music or a device, SIB files pertain to the musical scores created and these files are used no matter what musical instrument is used to compose the musical score. In fact, SIB files are also useful when playing instruments through software. They are the musical notes created but they do not contain any data regarding the audio. These SIB files can be accessed via Windows and MAC OS and they usually come in either text or in musical note forms, but only when Sibelius software installed can these files be opened and accessed. Users can export SIB files to MIDI files and these files could refer to the final copy of the musical scores created or files that are still to be edited.

Mac OS
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Avid Sibelius
Detail sib file extension information:
File Type: sib
File Format: Sibelius Score
Primary Association: Audio Files
Mime Type: application/x-sibelius-score