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format file wpk

What is a wpk file and how do I open a wpk file?

The .wpk file extension is associated with a variety of applications. One is the Nero Wave Editor, a program that deals mainly with discs and other forms of media. With this type of application, .wpk files contain edited information that’s been made with the audio file. They are not the audio itself but the audio files alone, most especially the edited information. These files allow audio files to be converted to different formats so that different audio software can play them. The second application associated with this file extension is Corel WordPerfect. This is one of the most popular word processor that allows users to create, edit and save documents. In this type of application, .wpk files serve as the macro responsible for automating the program’s functions and tasks. These files make the word processing program easy to use. Lastly, .wpk is also used by GuinXell application as a file archive. They are used to store multiple data in one archive specifically, GuinXell files.

Recommended wpk file download:
Nero 12
Detail wpk file extension information:
File Type: wpk
File Format: Nero Wave Editor File
Primary Association: Audio Files