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format file w02

What is a w02 file and how do I open a w02 file?

Files using the .w02 extension are mostly known as Split Archive Files that various programs use. These .w02 files contribute a lot to the installation of a certain program because they usually contain the files needed for the installation process. These files are mainly used by program installers and they are mainly important in splitting large files into archive files so that it can be downloaded easily. They are also deemed as executable files because of the fact that they play a big part in the installation of various programs. But this file extension is also associated with Yamaha sound sample library. This program contains a library of animal sounds and the files with the .w02 are usually used for cat sounds. These files can be opened by any program installers but the most common applications used to open these files are Creative Sound Blaster LiveWare Installer, Banxia Decision Explorer, Awave Studio, Adobe Reader and DAEMON Tools Lite.

Recommended w02 file download:
Creative Sound Blaster LiveWare Installer
Banxia Decision Explorer
Other program installers
Detail w02 file extension information:
File Type: w02
File Format: Split Archive File
Primary Association: Audio Files