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format file svd

What is a svd file and how do I open a svd file?

A Roland patch file contains audio data associated to the content used by certain digital keyboard synthesizers manufactured and marketed by Roland. These Roland patch files are integrated with audio data compilation specifications proprietary to Roland, which make it possible for fine-tuned digitally synthesized instrument audio output to be stored in these Roland patch files and patched unto these supported digital keyboard synthesizers for these devices to implement these functionalities into its system. These Roland patch files are also used for storing instrument-specific audio output configurations and sound effects that can be implemented into these synthesized instrument audio output settings. The encoding standards integrated into these Roland patch files are used for the SVD file format, which means these Roland patch files are stored in the SVD format and are affixed with the .svd extension. A USB key is required to load the content of these Roland patch files unto supported digital keyboard synthesizers from Roland.

Mac OS
Recommended svd file download:
Roland XV Editor
Roland XV Editor
Detail svd file extension information:
File Type: svd
File Format: Roland Patch File
Primary Association: Audio Files