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format file sisx

What is a sisx file and how do I open a sisx file?

Mobile phone devices that use the latest version of the Symbian OS which is Symbian OS 9.1 produce software installer files called the SISX files while the older version of the installer application uses the SIS format. Cell phones supporting the platform and devices of Nokia S60 3rd Edition which is the UIQ 3 platform use the SISX format. The MakeSIS tool is used to create both the SIS and the SISX files as well as the SignSIS utility also signed both of these file extensions. SIS files contain the installation packages saved in a single archive and these can be opened using the Symbian OS. These files are used by the Symbian OS to allow the easy installation of programs to the mobile devices. The program called Nokia PC Suite that allows users to move data from a computer to a mobile phone and vice versa can be used to open SISX files in the mobile phone.

Recommended sisx file download:
Nokia PC Suite
Detail sisx file extension information:
File Type: sisx
File Format: Symbian OS Installation File
Primary Association: Multiple Use Files