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format file dsc

What is a dsc file and how do I open a dsc file?

The DSC file extension is used for a Nikon Disk Identification file developed by Nikon. It is basically composed of information about groups of photos taken using a digital Nikon Camera. These photos were saved via a memory card together with other image files. DSC file is solely used by Nikon in its image saving file and can only be accessed through Nikon View NX. View NX is an image software application that allows the user of a Nikon Digital Camera to browse and edit an image or a movie by the use of a computer. This software usually is supported by all Nikon DSLR cameras and USB supported COOLPIX cameras. These cameras save images using DSC extension but there are images saved by other camera devices using .JPEG file extensions. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is a common format used for saving a digital image. Also known as a compressed image format, the file size is greatly reduced via the JPEG compression algorithm.

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Nikon ViewNX
Nikon ViewNX
Detail dsc file extension information:
File Type: dsc
File Format: Nikon Disk Identification File
Primary Association: Multiple Use Files