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format file shr

What is a shr file and how do I open a shr file?

The UNIX shar program is a file archiver that creates self-extracting archives called the SHR files. SHR files run on a UNIX Operating System and they contain shell scripts with content extraction instructions. SHR actually stands for Shell Archive and it is similar to SHAR files in terms of being used by the same file archiver. The scripts that contain the SHR files give the users’ information about the proper decompression of the files in the archive as well as they also contain instructions on completing the embedding process taking place in the archive. SHR files are self-extracting files which mean they can decompress itself especially in operating systems such as UNIX and MAC without installing certain software, but they could also work in Windows operating systems as long as the appropriate software is installed. When it comes to sending files, SHR archives are ideal as they help in making this process quick and easy.

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Detail shr file extension information:
File Type: shr
File Format: Unix Shell Archive File
Primary Association: Compressed Files