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format file hki2

What is a hki2 file and how do I open a hki2 file?

A WinHKI HKI2 archive file is a compressed file integrated with compression specifications proprietary to the WinHKI software. These WinHKI HKI2 archive files are optimized for higher compression ratios in terms of compressing document files and folders containing digital presentation materials, word documents and text files. Higher compression ratios mean smaller sizes of the resulting WinHKI HKI2 archive file compared to the combined size of all document files and folders stored in the compressed file. These WinHKI HKI2 archive files are saved in the HKI2 format and are affixed with the HKI2 extension to differentiate its intended purpose, which is for compressing document files, from other compression format options provided by the WinHKI software, including the HKI1 format which was developed for the optimized compression of multimedia files like digital videos and images. An HKI2 file can be created and decompressed using the WinHKI application, and there are versions of this software developed for Microsoft Windows-based systems and Mac platforms. The HKI2 format was also developed to optimize the compression ratios of program files and installers of software packages stored in an HKI2 file.

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Detail hki2 file extension information:
File Type: hki2
File Format: WinHKI HKI2 Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files