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format file sec

What is a sec file and how do I open a sec file?

PGP Secret Key Rings or files containing the ASCII armored private keys used to decrypt encrypted PGP or Pretty Good Privacy files. SEC files are produced by the PGP Corporation wherein the PGP software is popular software for the protection of information as well as sharing this information through the internet. The program is also helpful when it comes to communicating safely via email and it is mostly used by human rights organizations wherein confidential information is kept. Even private individuals having confidential information to keep can also use PGP to lock their files. PGP encrypted files can be decoded with the use of SEC files so that the encrypted files can be accessed and read. SEC files are called key files or secret key rings which mean that without these files, it is impossible to decode the encrypted files containing important information locked using the Pretty Good Privacy application. Both Windows and MAC OS can open SEC files.

Mac OS
Recommended sec file download:
PGP Desktop Home or other compatible PGP application
PGP Desktop Home or other compatible PGP application
Detail sec file extension information:
File Type: sec
File Format: PGP Secret Key Ring
Primary Association: Multiple Use Files