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format file sds

What is a sds file and how do I open a sds file?

An SDS file is data in MIDI format, and it normally consists of standardized System Exclusive messages (often abbreviated as SysEX) that are dumped from a hardware device or an audio program embedded with support for various software and hardware samplers. These files do not consist of actual audio data. Rather, these files are in a data format that is used by an SDS application. This type of applications is made up of a collection of games and other simple applications that consists of compressed data. Sounds, images and program settings are compressed pieces of data that are loaded and extracted during runtime. Because SDS programs load SDS files automatically, these files are not to be opened or extracted manually by the user.

Mac OS
Recommended sds file download:
Apple QuickTime Player
Nullsoft Winamp Media Player 5.6
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FMJ-Software Awave Studio
Apple QuickTime Player
Detail sds file extension information:
File Type: sds
File Format: MIDI Sample Dump Standard File
Primary Association: Audio Files
Mime Type: application/soffice, application/vnd.stardivision.chart, application/x-soffice, application/x-staroffice, audio/sds