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format file s02

What is a s02 file and how do I open a s02 file?

The third part of the split archive files created by ZipSplitter is the S02 files as they are called ZipSplitter Part 3 Archives. These files are also saved together with the other split archive file parts such as S00 and S01. These S02 files contain various data and information whether they are text documents, images, spreadsheets, etc. and they are contained in a single archive split using the ZipSplitter software. This software which was developed by Lithops, is a popular program that takes on the task of copying very large files into a disk either for backup or other purposes as well as it is also important in terms of sending large files for email. Running EXE files that came along with these split archive files can allow the extraction of these files. The S02 format is also supported by Corel WordPerfect application, by which these SO2 files contain distribution information.

Recommended s02 file download:
Lithops Software ZipSplitter
Detail s02 file extension information:
File Type: s02
File Format: ZipSplitter Part 3 Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files