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format file rng

What is a rng file and how do I open a rng file?

The Nokia Composer Ringtone file is stored in the RNG format and is affixed with the RNG extension, and is used by Nokia cellphones. These RNG format are generally classified as audio files that contain monophonic ringtone which are fluctuating notes played one at a time. These files are created using the Nokia Composer progRandom-access memory or the built in ringtone composer and are played from older Nokia phones such as Nokia 3210. Every basic tone or sound is created at various frequencies creating a melodic and simple sound. These ringtones are based from Ring Tones Text Transfer Language format. To be able to use the Nokia ringtones composer, user has to go to Menu then select Tones and choose Composer. An empty ringtone space is where the user gets to compose a ringtone. The Audio-Ware Ringtone Converter can be used in Microsoft Windows based systems to access and play RNG files

Recommended rng file download:
Audio-Ware Ringtone Converter
Detail rng file extension information:
File Type: rng
File Format: Nokia Composer Ringtone
Primary Association: Audio Files
Mime Type: application/ringing-tones, application/vnd.nokia.ringing-tone