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format file qda

What is a qda file and how do I open a qda file?

QDA files are used by Quadruple D (Do the DirectDraw with Delphi) as compressed archives. Quadruple D (Do the DirectDraw with Delphi) was developed by a Japanese programmer which is why it is known as a DirectX library for Delphi or graphics library mainly used for Japanese PC games. QDA files are part of this DirectX graphics library meaning they play a big part when it comes to the Japanese PC games written in Delphi. The Quadruple D Archiver that is used to create and open QDA archives is included in the library wherein the archiver is used to read the created files that are saved in the QDA archives. QDA files do not contain the specific information of a file saved on the archive. They mainly refer to the archives that hold these files, especially files used for the Japanese PC games and all the files archived into one library using the Quadruple D archiver.

Recommended qda file download:
Quadruple D Archiver
Detail qda file extension information:
File Type: qda
File Format: Quadruple D Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files