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format file paq8

What is a paq8 file and how do I open a paq8 file?

When users archive files with the use of PAQ version 8, the compressed file archives produced are called PAQ8 files. PAQ is an archiver that is distributed freely under GNU General Public License and like PAQ6 and PAQ7; the files created by PAQ8 are files that are created by the PAQ archiver but only by a higher and newer version of this open-source data compression archiver. PAQ8 files also contain several files and folders that are compressed in one archive. PAQ8 files are files that are ready for transfer or for delivery. PAQ8 is not only different compared to PAQ6 and PAQ7 in terms of the PAQ version that uses them, but these files are also different because they have the ability to fix some PAQ7 file types that were compressed poorly. PAQ8 files can be opened on both Windows and Linux operating systems as long as the PAQ8 compressor is installed. But these files can also be opened with the use of UDA on Windows.

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PAQ8 or later
PAQ8 or later
Detail paq8 file extension information:
File Type: paq8
File Format: PAQ8 Data Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files