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format file oar

What is an oar file and how do I open an oar file?

Files using the OAR extension are categorized as compressed files as they refer to the archives that were created via the OpenSimulator application. Open Simulator is a popular program also known as OpenSim and it is a tool used for the creation of virtual environments that can be accessed using a network. The development of 3D environments is possible, made easier and perfect when his software is used as users have the option to choose the technologies they want to apply and technologies that work best for them. OAR files contribute a lot to fully loading the object textures and the terrain as well as different system inventories because these files contain the important items and data to perform the said task. To create OAR files, use the "save oar [filename]" command found in the region console and to load these files, use the "load oar [filename]" command. OpenSimulator, which is used to open OAR files, runs on windows and Linux machines.

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Detail oar file extension information:
File Type: oar
File Format: OpenSimulator Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files