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format file nap

What is a nap file and how do I open a nap file?

The NAP file extension is known as the Napster Secured Music File which was developed by Napster. The NAP file format contains audio files that are Copy-protected from Napster's subscription-based music download service. NAP files are similar to .mp4 files downloaded from the iTunes music store, but use a different encoding. It was a file format that would provide security for music label companies against music piracy. The .nap format was expected to be bigger than MP3 to pursue music’s copyright protection technology. Files in NAP format can be opened with Microsoft Windows Media Player in Microsoft Windows platforms. In 2001, MP3 music file downloads on the Napster service continued to drop however, The Recording Industry Association of America filed suit against Napster. A year after, Napster declared bankruptcy after paying past infringements. After which Private Media group purchased it and in September 2008, Best Buy purchased the company for $121 million. In 2011, Rhapsody bought Napster from Best Buy.

Recommended nap file download:
Microsoft Windows Media Player
Detail nap file extension information:
File Type: nap
File Format: Napster Secured Music File
Primary Association: Audio Files