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format file mgc

What is a mgc file and how do I open a mgc file?

The Microsoft Clip Organizer Media Catalog is stored in the MGC format and is affixed with the MGC extension and is used by Microsoft Office. These MGC files are generally classified as vector image files that contain clip art collection that can be inserted into documents or presentations used for sharing groups of clip art images with others. The Microsoft Clip Organizer can be accessed is in the list of Microsoft Office Tools found in the All Programs Menu. Clips include art, photos, images, videos, and animations which can be retrieved thru Clips Online or Search button. The user can also find clips from the Microsoft Office program or community submitted clip art guided with a terms of use agreement. Aside from providing clip art, it has the ability to organize and classify the media clips into four types of Collections namely My Collections, Office Collections, Shared Collections and Web Collections.

Recommended mgc file download:
Microsoft Office 2013
Detail mgc file extension information:
File Type: mgc
File Format: Microsoft Clip Organizer Media Catalog
Primary Association: Vector Graphics Files