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format file int

What is an int file and how do I open an int file?

The INT file extension is used for an SGI Integer Image developed by Silicon graphics. It’s a format that is used for images on Silicon Graphics machines. Images displayed in this type are usually viewed in black and white (monochrome) format and normally stored using integers representing the contents of every pixel and also use .SGI file extension. Bitmap is an image file format that stores images in digital form. It is a terminology used in computer coding (programs) which means “map of bits.” Both bitmap and pixmap form the same concept of spatial array of mapped pixels and may be referred to as “raster images.” It is a dot matrix data structure when viewed using a monitor will look like pixels of rectangular grid. Raster images are dependent on resolution and deal more on photo- realistic photographs and images. There is always some loss of quality when scaled up or placed in magnified view.

Mac OS
Recommended int file download:
Adobe Photoshop Elements 11
Adobe Photoshop Elements 11
Detail int file extension information:
File Type: int
File Format: SGI Integer Image File
Primary Association: Vector Graphics Files