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format file lemon

What is a lemon file and how do I open a lemon file?

A LemonShare.net download file contains multiple types of files used by the LemonShare.net website to offer these files as downloadable content. Classified as compressed files, these LemonShare.net download files are integrated with encryption standards that can be legitimately bypassed by replacing the extension of a LemonShare.net download file with a popular extension used by a file compression and decompression tool supported by widely used operating systems. Multimedia content is posted on the LemonShare.net website as downloadable materials, such as digital movies, audio data and documents, and these files are compressed then stored in the LEMON format. Affixed with the .lemon extension, changing this file extension into the .rar extension can allow a user to access the content of a LemonShare.net download file using the WinRAR file compression and decompression software. This program can be installed and used in Microsoft Windows-based systems among other platforms, and there are other file compression and decompression utility programs implemented with support for decompressing these RAR files. However, the files stored in some LEMON files are encrypted and protected with a unique password, and the correct password must first be entered before the content of the file can be accessed by the user.

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Detail lemon file extension information:
File Type: lemon
File Format: LemonShare.net Download
Primary Association: Compressed Files