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format file fzf

What is a fzf file and how do I open a fzf file?

A Casio FZ-1 full dump file is encoded with proprietary standards and saved in the FZF format, and these Casio FZ-1 full dump files are also compressed using audio data compression specifications also proprietary to Casio. Audio files containing sound tracks, effects and other metadata details created using the Casio FZ-1 product are stored in the memory integrated into this device, which is an electronic synthesizer developed and released by Casio in the 1990s as a digital workstation unit. A Casio FZ-1 full dump file, which is affixed with the .fzf extension, is used by this digital workstation device for dumping all data presently stored in the device's memory. The firmware program of the Casio FZ-1 device accesses the data stored in this FZF file when a user requests certain audio data stored in the memory to be deleted or edited and updated with new sound tracks and effects. The Casio FZ-1 device can be synched and connected to a computer, and the FMJ-Software Awave Studio software is a digital music development and editing program that can be used to open, play and edit the content of these FZF files.

Recommended fzf file download:
FMJ-Software Awave Studio
Detail fzf file extension information:
File Type: fzf
File Format: Casio FZ-1 Full Dump
Primary Association: Audio Files