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format file efv

What is an efv file and how do I open an efv file?

An Ensoniq VFX-SD file is saved in a format developed by Ensoniq for a particular model of its line of digital synthesizer products. The EFV format is implemented as the default audio data encoding and compressions specifications integrated into these EFV files. An EFV file is generally classified as an audio file and is affixed with the .efv extension. The Ensoniq VFX-SD device is an electronic synthesizer used to play and create digital music. This device is implemented with firmware that uses these EFV files whenever a user accesses certain functionalities available in the keyboard. Each EFV file corresponding to the buttons and keys pressed by the user on the digital synthesizer is then located by the firmware, because it needs to reference the data stored in those associated EFV files. The content of an EFV file may include pitch settings, tone configurations and recorded music samples among other details. Musical notations and metadata info required by the audio content of an EFV file may also be stored in the EFV format.

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Detail efv file extension information:
File Type: efv
File Format: Ensoniq VFX-SD File
Primary Association: Audio Files