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format file dfc

What is a dfc file and how do I open a dfc file?

Defractor Instrument files are generally classified as audio files, and these files also fall under the data file category. These files are affixed with the DFC extension, and these .dfc files can be created by using the Defractor software. This program is a freeware synthesizer application that is integrated with specifications for audio sampling and playback. These specifications include 12 waveforms that have been generated mathematically, 1 custom waveform, two oscillators, 2 envelope generators, a selection of built-in filters, custom algorithm embedded into based synthesis engine, synchronizer and overdrive among other audio effects. Waveforms and oscillators are based on widely popular synthesis technologies. Parameters like decay, attack, release and sustain time are available in the envelope generators of this application. Low-pass filters are available in this software as smoothing options, and the attenuators of this program are passive devices that dictate the output level of a signal generator. This program is implemented by users to generate acid and analog bass audio. Sample preview options are integrated into this program. The DFC file format and the Defractor software are technologies that were created by Jenner Fusari, an Italian musician.

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Detail dfc file extension information:
File Type: dfc
File Format: Defractor Instrument
Primary Association: Audio Files