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format file dewf

What is a dewf file and how do I open a dewf file?

The DEWF file extension is a data format known as SoundEdit Recorded Instrument. DEWF files are audio files used to record audio samples for playing back instrument sounds in the Macintosh Sound Cap and SoundEdit programs. They are 8-bit, mono, loop sound format. The software is a GUI based digital audio editor with MacRecorder Sound System and Apple’s HyperCard as drivers. It was used in home studio recording and for beginners in audio editing. It offers audio effects and audio file conversion tools to different formats like MP2, MP3, WMA, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, VOX, and AIFF. It was considered as one of the first important audio applications for Macintosh created by Steve Capps during 1986. SoundEdit software stopped distribution in December 2004 but allowed downloads until June 2005. Files in DEWF format can be opened with MacNifty Sound Cap and Macromedia SoundEdit in Mac Operating systems classic and not in Mac OS-X.

Mac OS
Recommended dewf file download:
MacNifty Sound Cap
Macromedia SoundEdit
Detail dewf file extension information:
File Type: dewf
File Format: SoundEdit Recorded Instrument
Primary Association: Audio Files