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format file bun

What is a bun file and how do I open a bun file?

The BUN file extension is a data format associated to Cakewalk audio production software. BUN files are audio files used for archiving and backing up Cakewalk projects. BUN files and Cakewalk audio production software were developed by Roland. These files contain the work files of the project. Work files consist of central files of the project bundled in one file. The central file consists of audio and MIDI tracks, system settings, and mixing console information. This audio files support 16-, 18-, 20-, 22-, and 24-bit Audio. The following audio sampling rates are also supported: 11025, 22050, 44100 48000, and 91000 Hz. They are also used to share project files or transfer projects from one computer to another. They can also be copied into removable media, like USB flash disks and recordable CDs, to create permanent backup reference. BUN files format can be opened with Cakewalk SONAR in Microsoft Windows based platforms.

Recommended bun file download:
Cakewalk SONAR
Detail bun file extension information:
File Type: bun
File Format: Cakewalk Bundle File
Primary Association: Audio Files