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format file bdd

What is a bdd file and how do I open a bdd file?

The BDD file extension is a data format associated to CARA (Computer Aided Room Acoustics) software. BDD files and CARA (Computer Aided Room Acoustics) software were developed by CARA. These files contain the information for sound radiation required for creating room acoustic calculations. These files are used to simulate the auditory characteristics of a room or other type of space. They are saved together with the BOX file when creating a customized CARA loudspeaker model. The BOX files contain all basic design data of the loudspeaker. The CARA folder holds both the BDD files and the BOX files. The software offers generic loudspeakers and customized loudspeakers. Generic loudspeakers are based on complex loudspeaker simulation program. Customized loudspeakers are designed with a loudspeaker editor which was based on a Closed or Bass Reflex Loudspeakers. Files in BDD format can be opened with CARA Loudspeaker Editor in Microsoft Windows based systems. BDD files are not uploaded to the CARA homepage.

Recommended bdd file download:
CARA Loudspeaker Editor
Detail bdd file extension information:
File Type: bdd
File Format: CARA Sound Radiation Data File
Primary Association: Audio Files