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format file dsp

What is a dsp file and how do I open a dsp file?

The content of a Visual C++ 6 project file is encoded in the DSP format, and these DSP files can be created, opened and edited with the Visual C++ 6 application. These Visual C++ 6 project files are affixed with the .dsp extension, and the Visual C++ 6 program is classified as a software development application. The data stored in a DSP file may include program configurations, settings and asset data among other reference details of the source code implemented into associated applications. The DSP file format is mainly implemented for tracking and monitoring the developmental progress of a Visual C++ software project. This means a group of developers working on a Visual C++ software development project can use the data stored in the DSP file associated to their project in order to improve and debug certain functionalities of the application. The Visual Studio 2010 program from Microsoft implements support for these DSP files and associated Visual C++ applications, and this version can be installed in Mac platforms to start creating, opening and editing Visual C++ programs and its associated DSP files.

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Detail dsp file extension information:
File Type: dsp
File Format: Visual C++ 6 Project
Primary Association: Development Files