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format file mm

What is a mm file and how do I open a mm file?

The Objective-C++ Source File is stored in the MM format and is affixed with MM extension and is used by Mac-based applications. These MM files are generally classified as developer files that contain source code written in both the Objective-C and C++ programming languages used for including C++ code within Mac-based applications. Objective-C++ is a language variant of Objective-C and a front-end to the GNU Compiler Collection that can compile source files that use a combination of C++ and Objective-C syntax. It was a byproduct of the non-intersection and consolidation of all the features of the three languages. In order to use Objective-C++, name the files with the MM file extension which will identify the file as Objective-C++ to the compiler, and allow mixing the languages. To avoid warnings and errors with an existing Objective-C file just rename one or more of your source files .mm instead of .m. to allow C++ features to set in.

Mac OS
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Apple Xcode
Detail mm file extension information:
File Type: mm
File Format: Objective-C++ Source File
Primary Association: Development Files
Mime Type: application/x-meme