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format file gs

What is a gs file and how do I open a gs file?

The file extension GS is associated with the Google Apps Script programming language. This application is based on JavaScript and is utilized to implement automated actions across all Google applications intended for generating Web applications online such as applications that mail custom e-mails, automatically formats and load Google Docs files and creates Web interface. GS files are composed of scripts created by Google Apps Script and are implemented with the use of Google Cloud. The purpose of these files is to provide an automated system that would benefit both Google applications and other third party programs. Another program that utilizes GS file format is the GemStone program developed and distributed by Verify Software Houses and can be executed in MAC and Windows OS. . This program employs flow cytometry data analysis systems from the Probability State Modeling systems. GS files created by this program contain computations of flow cytometer seized data and a model.

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Google Apps Script
Detail gs file extension information:
File Type: gs
File Format: Google Apps Script
Primary Association: Development Files