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format file jar

What is a jar file and how do I open a jar file?

The Java Archive, or JAR, is a compressed file used by the Java Runtime Environment to distribute programs and libraries written in Java. JAR files contain CLASS files and application resources. Some mobile games, Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and Sunbird use JAR files to store themes and add-ons.

JAR files allow Java runtimes to efficiently deploy a set of classes and their associated resources. The elements in the JAR file can be compressed, which, together with the ability to download an entire application in a single request, makes downloading a JAR file much more convenient than separately downloading the many uncompressed files which would form a single Java Application.

These Java Archive files are also setup with encoding specifications proprietary to Oracle for the JAR format. JRE (Java Runtime Environment) uses the data stored in these JAR files as reference data or an application library of a program developed using Java and intended to run in platforms where the J.R.E. is enabled. The content of a JAR file may also include the code developed to initialize and also run Java programs. JAR files can also be created as standalone applications for mobile devices and desktop or laptop computers installed with the J.R.E. Program resources might also be included in the content of a JAR file, and a manifest file can optionally be entered in a JAR file. Some Web browsers are integrated with support for the J.R.E. and therefore may be used to access the data stored in these JAR files. The Java Virtual Machine is also known as the Java Runtime Environment. Sun Microsystems was the original developer of the JAR format before the acquisition by Oracle Systems.

How to open a .JAR file?

Open a JAR file by double clicking the file on your PC. The easiest method to open a JAR file is to install a program like WinZip. If WinZip is installed the program will automatically launch when you double-click on the JAR file. Once WinZip opens you will see the contents of the JAR file.

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Detail jar file extension information:
File Type: jar
File Format: Java Archive File
Primary Association: Program Execution Files
Mime Type: application/java-archive, application/x-compressed, application/x-java-applet, application/x-java-applet;version=1.1, application/x-java-bean, application/x-java-bean;version=1.1, application/x-java-vm/java-applet, application/x-java-vm/java-beans