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format file gz

What is a gz file and how do I open a gz file?

Files affixed with the .gz extension are called Gnu zipped archive files, and a .gz file is implemented with encoding specifications and compression standards developed by The GNU Project for the GZ compressed file format. These compression specifications are based on the GNU ZIP compression algorithm, also known as the GZIP compression technology. A file or folder, or even a group of files and folders can be selected by a user and compressed as one GZ file. Multiple GZ files can even be compressed as one GZ file, or these GZ files can be placed by the folder that can then be compressed as a GZ file. The GZIP compression technology and the GZ compression format were developed for Linux systems, though there are certain Microsoft Windows decompression applications implemented with support for decompressing and opening these GZ files. Users of Mac platforms can also install and use some compatible Mac decompression tools to open and view the archived content of these GZ files.

Mac OS
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Detail gz file extension information:
File Type: gz
File Format: Gnu Zipped Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files
Mime Type: application/gzip, application/gzip-compressed, application/gzipped, application/octet-stream, application/x-compress, application/x-compressed, application/x-gunzip, application/x-gzip, gzip/document, image/xcf, application/x-gzip-compressed