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format file bm2

What is a bm2 file and how do I open a bm2 file?

BM2 is a renamed BMP file used by Subspace, a multi-player top-down shooter game where players control ships in outer space. It contains an image stored in the standard Windows bitmap format; used to store game graphics. Raster image files are used by certain applications when a user accesses features available in the software for referencing the details of those image files, and the associated software loads up those raster image files alongside other relevant data stored in other files unto the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the program. Files in the BM2 format are classified as data files, the digital images are more commonly referred to as raster images. The Subspace application is a top-down shooter video game integrated with multi-player functionalities. Virgin Interactive developed the Subspace video game software and the BM2 format. Users can install this video game into their Microsoft Windows-based systems to access the image data stored by BM2 files during game-play. The 3D game environment is set in space by the software. The content of these BM2 raster images contain an image file stored in the BMP image format, a standard image format supported by Microsoft Windows-based platforms and a wide variety of Microsoft Windows applications.

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Virgin Interactive Subspace
Detail bm2 file extension information:
File Type: bm2
File Format: Subspace Bitmap File
Primary Association: Raster Graphics Files