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format file art

What is an art file and how do I open an art file?

An ART is a bitmap image file compressed by America Online. Although saved in a proprietary format that most image viewing programs do not recognize, an ART file can be opened within America Online. It can also be saved in a compatible format with AOL File Viewer.

The content of an AOL compressed bitmap image file is integrated with digital graphics compression descriptions generally used for compressing vector graphics, and bitmap images. Data encoding standards are implemented as well into the content of an AOL compressed bitmap image file so the content may be stored in the ART file format. Affixed with the .ART extension, the AOL compressed bitmap image files can only be viewed using the AOL File Viewer, and this is the reason why this program has a feature that can be used to export these AOL compressed bitmap image files into other widely used digital image file formats. Other programs use the ART file format, but not for the same purpose as how the AOL File Viewer application uses the ART files.

Mac OS
Recommended art file download:
ACD Systems ACDSee 15
Detail art file extension information:
File Type: art
File Format: AOL Compressed Image File
Primary Association: Raster Graphics Files
Mime Type: image/art