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format file sitx

What is a sitx file and how do I open a sitx file?

The compressed archives created using the Smith Micro StuffIt 7.0 are saved in the SITX format which is why these compressed files are also called SITX files. Smith Micro StuffIt 7.0 is a tool used for advanced software compression and was introduced during the year 2002 as a reliable utility that creates and extracts file archives, compressing not only document files but also attachments and downloads no matter what format they are saved in. The SITX format is a format supporting UNIX preservation, file permission for Windows, long filenames as well as correction of errors. It includes a copy of the file or folder Stuffit created as well as a 512-bit encryption aimed for security. The function of SIT files is to be a computer marker that signals files only Stuffit can access. SITX files take up less computer space because they are made into smaller files and they can be run using Windows and MAC computers.

Mac OS
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Detail sitx file extension information:
File Type: sitx
File Format: StuffIt X Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files