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format file dl_

What is a dl_ file and how do I open a dl_ file?

A compressed DLL file is saved in the DL_ format and is affixed with the .dl_ extension. These DL_ files can be created using the Makecab software, which implements compression and encoding standards proprietary to the DL_ format. This application is a Microsoft Windows utility that was developed for the compression and encoding of Dynamic Link Library (DLL) modules. These DL_ files are often used by Microsoft for reducing the file size of DLL modules stored in installation disks of Microsoft Windows systems and Microsoft Windows applications. Specific syntax codes can be used in the Makecab software to create a DL_ file. The decompression of these DL_ files can also be facilitated by the Makecab software with particular syntaxes to change the .dl_ extension to the .dll extension of these DL_ files. The Microsoft Expand software can also be installed and used on computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems to implement support for the creation and decompression of these DL_ files.

Recommended dl_ file download:
Microsoft Expand
Microsoft Makecab
Detail dl_ file extension information:
File Type: dl_
File Format: Compressed DLL File
Primary Association: Compressed Files