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format file nkx

What is a nkx file and how do I open a nkx file?

NKX files are also called Kontakt monolith container files, and these NKX files are encoded with particular specifications proprietary to Native Instruments, which developed the NKX file format for storing these Kontakt monolith container files. Native Instruments implemented the NKX file format into more recent versions of the Kontakt software, also developed by Native Instruments. The Kontakt application is a program designed to provide users with features for developing digital audio samples. These Kontakt monolith container files consist of the digital audio sample data combined with associated patch details, and these pieces of data can also be separately stored in multiple files to allow users with easier options for using their audio samples with other audio sample editing and development applications. The Native Instruments Kontakt software can be installed in Microsoft Windows-based systems to implement support for these NKX files, which are affixed with the .nkx extension. There are also versions of this program that can be used in Mac platforms.

Mac OS
Recommended nkx file download:
Native Instruments Kontakt
Native Instruments Kontakt
Detail nkx file extension information:
File Type: nkx
File Format: Kontakt Monolith Container File
Primary Association: Audio Files