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format file adg

What is an adg file and how do I open an adg file?

The ADG file extension is a data file format associated to Ableton Device Group,a part of Ableton Live. ADG files and Ableton Device Group were developed by Ableton. These files contain the preset of virtual instruments or audio effect racks. By default Ableton Live has two built in instruments, the Impulse and the Simpler. Impulse instruments include traditional drum triggering instrument with eight drum sounds. Simpler instruments include single sample with effects, timing and pitch transformation. The software allows combination of a number of plug-ins into a group and be loaded and saved as one object. To create a Device Group, just “select all the plug-ins” together and select the” Group” command from the “Edit Menu”,then” Save” button of Device Group. After which the Device group can be renamed. Device Group is the preset itself because the software does not allow multiple presets for a single Device Group. Files in ADG format can be opened with Ableton Live in Mac Os and Microsoft Windows-based systems.

Mac OS
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Detail adg file extension information:
File Type: adg
File Format: Ableton Device Group
Primary Association: Audio Files