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format file mpr

What is a mpr file and how do I open a mpr file?

The MPR file extension is associated to a data file format of Visual FoxPro. Files affixed with this extension type are known as the FoxPro Generated Menu Program Files. It serves as a source code of object-oriented relational database management system. The MPR file format and Visual FoxPro were developed by Microsoft Corporation. The software allows design data-driven applications for Windows users. It defines a data source or creates one to use in a FoxPro application, and uses the application to control how the data is presented to the user, and how the user can interact with it. It uses a dynamic programming language and can be used to write traditional, middleware and web applications and can work with any kind of database. It also connects to any back end ODBC data source. The software uses a combination of XML and SQL programming languages in the database projects. It also uses visual tools; object- oriented programming language, and integrated debugger. Files in the MPR file format can be opened with Microsoft Visual FoxPro in Microsoft Windows platforms.

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Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Detail mpr file extension information:
File Type: mpr
File Format: FoxPro Generated Menu Program
Primary Association: Development Files