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format file trx

What is a trx file and how do I open a trx file?

A Visual Studio test results file is created by a software from Microsoft that can be used to create Microsoft Windows applications, and this software is the Visual Studio program, also developed by Microsoft. A Visual Studio test results file is integrated with encoding specifications proprietary to Microsoft for the TRX file format, also proprietary to Microsoft. Affixed with the .trx extension, the content of a Visual Studio test results file contains results associated to particular tests done by a user in the Visual Studio software. This is because the Visual Studio program is implemented with a set of features that can be used to simulate the functionalities coded into a Microsoft Windows application development project to pinpoint certain issues and problems that the Visual Studio software may encounter during the simulation of those application-specific functionalities. This also means these Visual Studio test results files are used for debugging certain problems in a Microsoft Windows application project created with the Visual Studio program, as well as for improving those functionalities. The data stored in these Visual Studio test results files are also used by the Visual Studio application to display in the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the program the results of certain tests implemented by the user for a Visual Studio application development project.

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Detail trx file extension information:
File Type: trx
File Format: Visual Studio Test Results File
Primary Association: Development Files