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What is a mell file and how do I open a mell file?

The MELL file extension is used for a Mellel Word Processing File developed by RedleX. MELL is identified as a word processing document which is used for Mac OS X. It is a shareware word processor typically chosen by writers and scholars for writing long documents in Israel. Mellel application slowly gained its popularity among users and was tagged as a word processor with a new approach in concept. Users of this application believe that it would be valued as a better word processor ever developed. Its features include speed, reliability, power, multi-lingual, bibliography support, footnotes, outline and style system. It is also cited as a reliable word processor to would be users of writing sophisticated and long documents. True to its form, many users have agreed to its ability as a word processor. They were able to create documents according to their likes and make superior designs that are far beyond the ordinary. The outline feature allowed them to view the document in its entirety without any problems of getting lost as they move along. It's like having a bird's eye view of the entire document.

Mac OS
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RedleX Mellel
Detail mell file extension information:
File Type: mell
File Format: Mellel Word Processing File
Primary Association: Text Files