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format file fdr

What is a fdr file and how do I open a fdr file?

The .FDR file extension is used for a Final Draft Document created by Final Draft. Final Draft is software used for scriptwriting and intended for use in stage plays, videos, commercials, movies and television. It is a tool that allows professionals and upcoming writers to create scripts that is needed in their line of profession. Final Draft was released in 1986 and its main purpose is to provide the means at which screenwriters can work at scripts without too much problem and guarantee access to create better quality scripts. Final Draft software offer more than 50 television and movie templates that a screenwriter can choose to create, allows users also to give computer generated voices to different characters they are working on. It also allows different users of the software to collaborate their current script with other scriptwriters or colleagues over the internet. There are other companies who also offer the same tool like Celtx and Movie Magic Screenwriter.

Mac OS
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Final Draft
Final Draft
Detail fdr file extension information:
File Type: fdr
File Format: Final Draft Document
Primary Association: Text Files