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format file knt

What is a knt file and how do I open a knt file?

The KNT file extension is used for a KeyNote Note File developed by Apple. KeyNote is a presentation program which is primarily based on Rich Edit control and is supported by text formats which includes templates, macros, styles and plug-in. It allowed easy access to create and deliver presentations fit for users looking for the next step level of layouts that is readily available for them to use and discover. It gained its roots as a software program used in the presentation of Macworld Conference and Expo by then former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The program was made for public use as KeyNote 1.0 in the year 2003. It has HD capability installed on its new version of KeyNote 3.0. Other features included in the software are auto bullets, 3D charts, group scaling, image adjustments, multi-column text boxes and free form masking tools. Apple was also able to introduce KeyNote for IPAD use with the Touch Interface.

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Detail knt file extension information:
File Type: knt
File Format: KeyNote Note File
Primary Association: Text Files