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format file jp1

What is a jp1 file and how do I open a jp1 file?

The JP1 file extension is used for a Japanese (Romaji) Text File. This file is encoded in ASCII text and contains Japanese characters. Writing Japanese language using Latin script is related to Romanization of Japanese or Romaji. There are various systems of Romanization and among them are Kunrei-shiki Romaji, Nihon-Shiki Romaji and Hepburn Romanization. The Japanese language is written in logographic characters which are very much related to Chinese characters. All Japanese of today recognize Romaji easily. This is due to the fact that Japanese people during World War 2 went to schools teaching Romaji. This has been carried and passed on to young sons and daughters who later on passed it to other generations thus spreading the use of Romaji. Portuguese orthography is one of the earliest bases of Japanese Romanization. Missionaries especially Jesuits used the system in publishing Catholic books for use in teaching and preaching Catholicism to converts of their religion.

Mac OS
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Adobe Reader with Japanese Fonts
Adobe Reader with Japanese Fonts
Detail jp1 file extension information:
File Type: jp1
File Format: Japanese (Romaji) Text File
Primary Association: Text Files